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The ways that you can work with me

The firms that are tackling their own digital transformation have all been part of a journey that often starts with hearing me speak. Keep scrolling to see some of the ways I can provide support.

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Get your copy of The Digital Firm

As accounting and bookkeeping has evolved, now, going digital is the only logic choice, with embracing technology being a vital part of doing business.

I've done this at Farnell Clarke and now I want to pass this knowledge on. The Digital Firm summarises what I've learned during our leading-and-occasionally-bleeding-edge adoption of the best tech available, as well as the mistakes we've made at Farnell Clarke and how we've overcome them.

Attend a free 30 min discovery call

Often I find that the firms I work with have already learnt a lot on how to move into the digital world, but where they need help is making sense of that.

Having been through the same headaches as you with Farnell Clarke, I can provide support to drive your firm forward in the direction you've been aiming, whether you've already got some of the pieces in place, or you're starting your digital transformation journey from scratch.

This session is an opportunity to talk over where you are with your firm, what some of the challenges are and how I might be able to support you, and is available for firms of all sizes, from sole practitioners up to top-100 firms. Some of the topics I've given some insight on are:

✓ Buy-in: Digesting what you're being asked to buy into
✓ Digital transformation: What it means for you and your firm
 Growth advisory: How to grow and scale that way you want to
✓ Technology: How to use it to internally and with your clients
✓ Process: How to design and improve your processes
✓ Strategy planning: Identifying long-term objectives

Join the monthly mentoring group

Monthly mentoring is a great start for those who need ongoing support as you take your own journey of digital transformation.

The great thing is that you will be surrounded by other firms in a similar position to you, and there's no tie-in so once you've got what you need, you can come-and-go as you want.  

I am really keen to make the group as accessible as possible whatever stage you are in your firm.  The group launch price is set at £100 a month for this very reason.

The benefits of the group include:

Insight from me

Each call will also feature some insights from my own experiences within Farnell Clarke.

Submitting questions

In the run up to the call, you'll be able to submit questions to be tackled and discussed as a group.

Shared experiences

You'll be part of a closed community of firms, who'll each be learning and in a similar position to you.

See how a digital firm works

Sometimes the best way is to see things in action. We invite you to see for yourself what a digital firm looks like, what is different, and how staff utilise technology. 

Across the course of a half-day at the Farnell Clarke Norwich office, you’ll hear about some of the tools and processes we use. At the same time, we'll begin thinking about what a strategy might look like in your own firm. 

I can also make introductions with strategic partners that we'll identify together as instrumental in transforming your firm.

The session is very much tailored to you and your firm so has no set agenda.  We can focus on the challenges you are tackling right now.  You are welcome to bring along some of your team to join the discussions.  The fee for the session is £1,195.

Come to a quarterly meet up

I'm running quarterly workshops in different areas of the UK, which would include up to 11 other firms alongside you.

This is a fantastic intro event where you get to establish how I might be able to support you and your firm, but also meet and learn from other accountants in the same boat as you. You'll see some who are just beginning their journey of digital transformation, others who may have made some progress, and even those who have mastered the journey.

We will use the workshop to think about what it means to be a digital firm and assess how you can successfully make that transition in your firm and begin to think about your own firm strategy.

These events are £495 for the day or £795 for two members from the same firm.  Complete the form here if you would like to discuss attending the next event.

Join the Mastermind group

Working with me is a first step: but you can learn even more from other accountants whose firm's are in a similar position to yours.  I call this a mastermind, but imagine Mastermind, meets mentoring, meeting training programme and that what we have here.

The monthly or quarterly mastermind group gives you a platform to invest time into really making a difference to your firm.  We will use the time to ask questions, share experiences and develop alongside each other. 

The group will meet for a full day once a month or quarter, with additional 1-hour one-on-one calls each month to maintain momentum along with a range of other benefits and support through your membership. 

"Just the initial one day with Will made a huge difference for us and I’m looking forward to developing the relationship as we grow and can fully embrace that massive opportunity to make a real difference for us, our staff and our clients.”

– Penny Rowden

How will I benefit?

I really enjoy being able to make a difference to the firms I engage with, helping them see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Whether it's regular support or just one-off advice, this is an opportunity for you to get support and advice from someone with a decade of experience in running a digital firm.

You can also hear from others who have worked with me and been on a similar transformation journey to you.

Let’s connect and chat about it

I'd love to see how you can achieve your firm's goals.
Let’s make it happen!


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