The Digital and Human Firm

Discover how I changed my accounting firm to remain competitive

The Human Firm

Our profession is undergoing an enormous shift in attitude, from relatively impersonal compliance-based processes towards a deepening of authentic human relationships. It takes us back, in a way, to how accountancy started, where people and relationships drove our work, and how we judged success.

This book outlines the thinking, context, approach, and examples of how to differentiate your new Human Firm in a constantly evolving and increasingly competitive environment.

The 11 steps of digital transformation

Accounting and bookkeeping, effectively unchanged for hundreds of years, are undergoing a massive transformation.

Now it’s a time when using and embracing the latest technology is a vital part of doing business. The majority of accountants know they need to change, and in some cases, they want to evolve. Faced with this, going fully digital is the only logical choice.

Doing this at Farnell Clarke has paid off handsomely. I want to pass that knowledge on!

This book summarises what I've learned during our leading-and-occasionally-bleeding-edge adoption of the best tech available, as well as the mistakes we’ve made at Farnell Clarke, and how we’ve overcome them.

What’s included

These books are based primarily on my experience, but I also want to give you the best possible choices, which is why you can also expect to hear from several experts in the industry. You can expect to read about:

✓  Future-proofing and predictions
✓  Compliance is dead, so what’s the strategy
✓  Efficiencies, fees and the client
✓  Using business culture and environment to recruit the best
✓  Migrating to a fully digital cloud practice
✓  The inextricable link
✓  High-level marketing and how to start it
✓  Content-marketing for the digital firm
✓  From APIs to Xero and beyond
✓  The onboarding process
✓  De-Willing: letting go so your firm can grow

What people are saying
about The Digital Firm

“If your firm’s looking to move forward into the digital and adopt the benefits of technology, this book covers the best practices to reach that goal. Must read”

– Matt Flanagan, BlueHub

“This book is a perfect guide to firms wanting to take their digital ‘first steps’. It isn’t an overnight fix, so I expect the pages of this book to be well thumbed as accountants implement chapter by chapter to build their digital firm.”

– Steve Cox, IRIS

Get the components that are the backbone in transforming your firm

The Digital Firm was released at Accountex on 22nd May 2018 and is available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle version.   

The Human Firm was released on 26th April 2023 and is available on Amazon as paperback, kindle and audible. 


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