See how I've supported firms and vendors of all sizes.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many like minded accountants and vendors, all of which share the same passion for growing, scaling and ultimately transforming  their firm and the relationships with their clients.

Firms and vendors who
have worked with me

"We had an excellent day at Will’s fantastic offices in Norwich (Wow! Wish I’d had the chance to work somewhere like that when I first started out!). 

When we came away, both of us were much more on the same page, with a much clearer vision of where we wanted to be and the steps to get there."

– Penny Rowden, Rowdens Ltd.

"Before, there was only a select number of us trying to change the way we work and where we were going. The outside perspective from someone else who is doing well with what we are trying to achieve has opened many eyes and provoked a lot of curiosity. It has definitely saved me, my mind and helped steer us on the right path! "

– Nick Wilson, Robson Laidler

"What I love about Will's observations and advice is that he moves away from technology as a start point and talks about the impact on client experience. 

He recognises that there is no one element that will bring success, it is multi facet and you need a plan for each."

– Alex Davis, Intuit

"As one of the UK's earliest adopters of cloud accounting tech, Will Farnell knows better than most how much it can transform client service. 

For close to a decade now, he and the team at Farnell Clarke have truly embraced digital technology."

– Gary Turner, Xero

Reviews of The Digital Firm

“This book is a perfect guide to firms wanting to take their digital ‘first steps’. 

It isn’t an overnight fix, so I expect the pages of this book to be well thumbed as accountants implement chapter by chapter to build their digital firm.”

– Steve Cox, IRIS

“If your firm’s looking to move forward into the digital and adopt the benefits of technology, this book covers the best practices to reach that goal. 

A must read!”

– Matt Flanagan, BlueHub


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