Learn from others in a similar position to you.

What is the mastermind all about?

The Mastermind groups are run as a full day event.  You can choose to join an intense focussed monthly group or a quarterly group if you want to carefully manage the pace of change or growth in your firm.

Whilst it is positioned as a mastermind group, its a bit more than that.  I will share my experiences and guide you on your own journey, so it is really an extension of mentoring, part training and part mastermind.  It is the best of each of those blended into one programme.

The groups are intended to run with between 6-10 firms to provide the best possible mix of focus, whilst ensuring some broad experiences.  If your firm signs up for the group you can enrol two members of your team as part of the subscription.

As well as the regular group meeting, your membership of the group includes a monthly one on one call with me to discuss challenges in your firm.  If you prefer to build up some credit you can choose to use this time in a number of other ways for example a half day team session at your offices.  Membership of the mastermind groups also gives you access to my Monthly Group Mentoring.

New Groups....

Two groups are due to launch in 2021.  Secure your place now by booking a discovery call here to find out more.

If you are ready to sign up then click here subscribe*

Limited spaces available!

*all applications are subject to approval to ensure we get the right mix of firms in each group

What is the investment?

The group includes

1. Monthly or quarterly face to face mastermind session
2. Monthly one-on-one zoom call
3. Access to Will's monthly mentoring group 
4. Ad-hoc support between meetings

Your investment
1. Your time and commitment
2. Monthly Group £895 per month
3. Quarterly Group £695 per month

If you would like to arrange a discussion with Will to ensure the group is the right option for you fill out the form below to kick start the process.

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