Join the monthly mentoring group with support from GoProposal

Hear and learn from me and other accountants in the same position as you.

Use that time to get support to help you on your digital transformation journey.

How the group is structured

Monthly mentoring is a great start if you need ongoing support as you tackle digital transformation or set yourselves to grow your firm. It's an opportunity to ask questions, discuss any challenges you are facing and learn from both my own experiences within Farnell Clarke but also from other firms in a similar position to you. The group involves:

✓ Meeting once-a-month on a zoom open mic group webinar. Each call will last around 90-minutes.

 The first 45-minutes I will use to share insights and to talk about a particular issue.

✓ In the run up the call, you'll be able to submit questions which we'll tackle and discuss with the group on the call.

✓ During the month, you will be able to ask questions or get email advice on challenges you are facing right now in your firm.

✓ Access to a closed community group to share experiences and get advice from me, the Farnell Clarke team and your fellow members

Thanks to our friends at GoProposal for sharing the mentoring group with their users.

How to sign up

The group launch price is £100 a month to sign up and join. There's absolutely no-tie in so if you join and get what you need, you can come-and-go as you want.

Our friends at GoProposal have teamed up to offer you a special discounted rate!  On sign up add the Coupon Code GOPROPOSAL to get a 25% discount off of the advertised price.


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