As you have found this page, you most likely attended my session at the AAT Conference on Building the people firm in a digital world.  Thank you for choosing to come along to my session.  I really hope you found the presentation useful.

At the session I offered a PDF of the Farnell Clarke personality book.  This is a booklet we give all our new recruits and something I am really proud of.  Everyone that sees it loves it and I would be delighted if you can use it as some inspiration for your firm.

Feel free to use any part of it to develop something to help your own team really buy in to what you are striving to do in your firm.  Share your why, your vision and your values with your team and watch the firm personality grow on the back of it.

I would love to share updates with you around the work I am doing with firms and new initiatives we are implementing at Farnell Clarke.  We hope to have some great success stories to share following the rollout of our new flexible working.  Do leave me some basic contact details and we will email over a copy of the PDF.

Thanks again for attending my session and good luck implementing some of the ideas in your firm


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